Bugs, a walrus and a door - Trento 16 (live electronics)

by Bostjan Perovsek



Every time I play this composition the result is a little bit different. This album will have several versions of the same composition and will groove in the future.

The composition based on the original song “Bugs, a walrus and a door start dancing” (30 minutes, 8 channel version, 1986), uses sound material created by bugs, a walrus and a door at the Vodnik Homestead in Ljubljana before it was oiled. Prof. Matija Gogala “equipped” me with an array of magnetic tapes with different tunes. These tapes consisted of approx. 80 hours of material, from which I took roughly 20 different length samples - ranging from a few seconds to half a minute. Once they were classified and listened to, the sounds of the walrus and the door were added.

I classified this piece of music as a bioacoustic piece, although it could easily be considered electroacoustic. However, since I want to remain consistent to the original idea, I insist on this definition. The composition is not called bioacoustic due to the fashionable bio trends, but rather because it is founded on sound materials obtained from scientists who investigate animal sounds. This scientific discipline is called bioacoustics. The credits go to the included voluntary live performance in 1986 (by the members of the experimental music group SAETA) and involuntary performers (animals) – a result of being consistent in defining the project’s starting points and the music itself. The short stereo version of the composition, which can be found on the CD “Boštjan Perovšek – Touchings”, and on the vinyl LP “Bio, Industrial Acoustica (green)” was also included in the Ars Acoustica 1995-1996 Listening Proposals program within the frame of the European Broadcasting Union.

The composition “Bugs, a walrus and door - Trento 16 (live)” is a special version based on the 30 minute original version. It can be realized as a 15 - 20 minutes long quadrophonic or stereo version, in which original samples are mixed in a new way and in new combinations. This version also includes a new soloist: a bug “Legnotus Limbosus”. First performance was during “1st International Symposium on Biotremology", Fondazione Edmund Mach, San Michele all’Adige, Italy, July 2016.


released August 10, 2016



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Bostjan Perovsek Slovenia

musician, composer and soundscape artist, composes experimental, electro acoustic music. He specialises in creating bio- acoustic music based on the sounds of animals, especially insects. He also creates music for film, theatre, performances and multimedia installations, as well as soundscapes for museums and galleries. He works also as sound engineer for film and video. ... more

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